Tim Rogers

I'm a product manager and software engineer based in London 🇬🇧, working at GitHub GitHub logo.

I founded and sold my own startup, Reward Flight Finder, and helped to build two Y Combinator Top Companies from the ground up: GoCardless and Duffel.

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Twilio Best Practices


Technologies: Twilio and PHP

I am the author of Twilio Best Practices, a guide to working with phone calls and SMS messages from your applications using the Twilio API.

Twilio Best Practices cover

Twilio makes it simple to integrate telephony — both phone calls as well as SMS and MMS messages — into your code without expensive hardware or manual setup.

Packed with lots of code examples, this book gets you up and running with Twilio in no time, enabling you to work with messages and calls in a variety of different ways.

The book is the perfect guide from your first steps working with Twilio right up to becoming an expert, giving you all the best practices and top tips you need to build reliable and powerful telephony applications.

The book was published in 2014, and is available direct from the publisher, Packt Publishing, on Amazon.

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