Tim Rogers

I'm a product manager and software engineer based in London 🇬🇧, working at GitHub GitHub logo.

I founded and sold my own startup, Reward Flight Finder, and helped to build two Y Combinator Top Companies from the ground up: GoCardless and Duffel.

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Side projects

Sold Near Me

Sold Near Me made it easy to track property prices near you, or where you're interested in purchasing.

Users simply entered their postcode, email and how widely they wanted to search around the location, and then they received regular updates on prices.

The service used open data from the Land Registry, Ordnance Service, Royal Mail and the Office of National Statistics.

Sold Near me is no longer online.

LSE Librarian

LSE Librarian

An app for students at the London School of Economics and Political Science, built when I was studying at the university, for renewing library books on the go.

Originally, I built this app using Phonegap but since then, I re-built it in native Objective-C, with new functionality and a way better experience.

The app is no longer available, with LSE having threatened legal action if I did not take it down.

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