Tim Rogers

I'm a product manager and software engineer based in London 🇬🇧, working at GitHub GitHub logo.

I founded and sold my own startup, Reward Flight Finder, and helped to build two Y Combinator Top Companies from the ground up: GoCardless and Duffel.

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Open-source projects


Restforce is the most popular Ruby gem for interacting with the Salesforce API, downloaded over 7,000,000 times.

I'm the core maintainer, having taken the gem over from the original author in 2015. I review issues, get pull requests merged and reguarly contribute my own code to the library.

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starling-ruby is a Ruby library for interacting with challenger bank Starling Bank's developer API. It's included on Starling's developer resources page.

I built the library from scratch, following best practices in testing, documentation, code style and structure. I've now open-sourced my work.

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Ruby on Rails is a hugely popular web framework built in Ruby.

I've made a number of contributions, fixing a number of bugs (including this odd issue with parameter handling in ActionController::Parameters) and added new features making it easy to configure your web application for use over SSL.

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Ecto is the most popular library in Elixir for working with databases and validating data.

I've made a number of contributions, including making validation errors more machine-readable.

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Onfido provide APIs to verify people's identities and conduct background checks on your users, for example to comply with anti-money laundering regulations.

The Onfido Ruby gem provides an idiomatic Ruby wrapper around their REST API.

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Genius aims to build the world's biggest collection of song lyrics and musical knowledge - this mission has led it to being one of the web's most popular sites.

My Genius gem provides a Ruby wrapper around their developer API. It involved from my original and more popular timrogers/rapgenius gem, with 100 stars on GitHub, built by tapping into RapGenius (as they were then known)'s private API by conducting a man-in-the-middle attack on their iOS app.

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Tuffl is a command line tool for accessing data on upcoming departures on Transport for London's public transport network. I wrote it to practice my Crystal skills.

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A custom Alexa skill allowing you to charge your friends by Direct Debit using GoCardless, written in Ruby.

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A simple tool built in Ruby for exam revision, helping you to memorise course content.

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A Jekyll plugin, written in Ruby, making it easy to link to Bible passages in the English Standard Version Bible.

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