Tim Rogers

I'm a product manager and software engineer based in London 🇬🇧, working at GitHub GitHub logo.

I founded and sold my own startup, Reward Flight Finder, and helped to build two Y Combinator Top Companies from the ground up: GoCardless and Duffel.

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2012 - 2018

Technologies: Ruby, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript

At GoCardless, I designed and built solutions independently and in small teams in Ruby used to process over $1bn of payments per year.

Over my six years at the company since joining as the fifth employee, I worked in a variety of roles, from running customer support to kicking off customer success to leading the partnerships team to being an engineer, on a huge range of projects.

I scoped and delivered projects from start to finish, defining requirements and working with users internally and externally to perfect the end product.

The GoCardless developer site

Amongst other things, I worked on:

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